4 Tips for Healthy Grilling

4 Tips for Healthy Grilling

Eating healthier is one of the most popular resolutions for the New Year. Yet, 92% of us fail at keeping our resolutions. Yikes! That’s a lot. But with the right barbecue and a few tips for healthy grilling from the pros at Barbecue Country, we have faith that you’ll keep this resolution for years to come.


1. Start Clean


Don’t let the charred buildup on your grill transfer to your meal. Use a proper brush to give it a scrub. If you use a wired brush, make sure you wipe down the grill with a cloth or paper towel to protect yourself from stray bristles getting into your food.


2. Marinades


There are countless marinades to add incredible flavour to what you’re grilling. You can control the amount of sodium by replacing it with better flavour enhancers like spices and herbs.


3. Pile on the Veggies and Fruits


Grilling intensifies the flavour of anything you put on the barbecue, and many people forget about vegetables and fruits. Grilling brings out natural sugars and produces incredible flavour through caramelization. Yum! Alternate onions, pineapples, peppers and meat, or skip the meat altogether and choose hearty veggies like portabella mushrooms or eggplants.


4. Safe Food Handling


Always keep raw meat, poultry, and seafood and any utensils you use to handle them separate from vegetables and other foods you will not be cooking. Use a food thermometer to check the internal temperature of grilled meat, poultry, and seafood. And finally, when done cooking the meat, place it on a clean plate; not the same one used for the raw meat.


Grilling is fun, flavourful and one of the healthiest ways to cook no matter the season – even if it’s cold outside. So, don’t wait until summer to start working on your New Year’s resolution.


For all your outdoor cooking and grilling needs, come to the experts at Barbecue Country, and choose from the best brands, all in one location.

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  • Taylor Mitchell