9 Non-Meat BBQ Treats for the Summer

9 Non-Meat BBQ Treats for the Summer


Recipe from Half Baked Harvest

1. Brie &Bread

Elevate your cheese plate this summerby taking it to the bbq. For best results, coat your brie in olive oil, wrap it in foil, and grill over indirect heat for a few minutes before flipping.Next, open the tin foil slightly and add your toppings –the above recipe uses peaches, but cherries and strawberries are also great options. Leaveyour cheese on the grill for a few more minutes to let all the flavours mix together. After removing it from the barbecue, top with a glaze of your choice. But we’re not done yet: simply brush baguette slices with olive oil and grill both sides to create the perfect crunchy companion for your gooey barbecued brie.



 Recipe from The Food Network

2. Caesar Salad 

Grilled caesar salad puts a fun spin on the classic summer side dish – and enables you to still reach your daily dose of vegetablesat your next barbecue. Cooking lettuce isn’t as difficult (or bizarre) as it seems: sprinkle salt, pepper, and olive oil on romaine hearts and place them cut-side down on the grill. After 2-3 minutes, your greens will be nicely charred. If you want to make the salad extra-homemade, throw some bread on the grill and cut it into bite-sized pieces after it’s cooked to make croutons. For a tangy and sweet zest, grill some sugar-coated lemons to place atop your salad.



 Recipe from Jocooks

3. Quesadillas 

Most fry their quesadillas on the stove – but on hot summer days you can keep your kitchen cool by opting for your barbecue. The cooking process is entirely the same, but by choosing to barbecue, you have the added ability to pre-grill your fillings for an extra-flavourfulquesadilla. The above recipe uses zucchini, squash, mushrooms, bell peppers and mozzarella to create a healthy and filling vegetarian meal – and it’s good you won’t even realize it doesn’t have meat in it!



 Recipe from The Food Network

4. Peaches

Bruised peaches? No problem! Over-ripe, damaged, and less-than perfect fruits can be redeemed on the grill. Simply sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon on peaches, place them on the grill, and wait until the sugars have caramelized (6-8 minutes on one side; 4 on the other). The quick cooking over live flames intensifies the natural juiciness and sweetness of peaches – especially when coated with brown sugar. For optimum sweetness, pair your grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream.



 Recipe from The Forked Spoon

5. Veggie Skewers

Simple doesn’t necessarily mean boring: adding your favourite fresh veggies to a bbq skewer will make your plate extra flavourful and colourful. You can use any veggie for your kabob, but the above recipe recommends corn, zucchini, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccolini, and eggplants. (Quick tip: the more vegetable variety you have, the more your skewer looks like a rainbow.) Simply brush your veggies with olive oil and sprinkle on your favourite spices; your dish will be ready when the veggies are soft and browned around the edges.



 Recipe from Allrecipes

6. Pizza

The hotter the oven, the better the pizza – and since your grill can heat up to a much higher temperature than your oven, it’s the best option for pizza-making. Although making homemade pizza is certainly a time-consuming task, the delicious taste of grilled pizza is well worth it. (Pro tip: although the recipe teaches you how to make pizza from scratch, you can always buy frozen dough from your local grocery store or bakery to speed up the process.) Regardless of which route you choose, your dough will puff up on the grill and cook to a perfectly crisp and chewy consistency –with the smoky flavour of a traditional brick pizza oven.



 Recipe from Mr. Food

7. Smores

Using the barbecue, you can create this campfire classic without worrying about marshmallow dripping in your fire pit. Simply wrap your graham-cracker-chocolate-marshmallow-sandwich in tin foil and wait for 2-3 minutes. For a fancy twist, swap classic milk chocolate for peanut butter cups, turtles, or New York peppermint patties.



 Recipe from California Avocados

8. Grilled Avocado

From avocado toast to avocado smoothies, this soft green fruit has been the definitive trend of 2019. Impress your guests this summer with a new variation on the fan-favourite: grilled avocado! All you need are avocados, lemon juice, and olive oil (and any other toppings if you so desire). Grilled avocado will be your fun alternative to a side salad this summer; it compliments grilled meats and fish perfectly.



 Recipe from Platings + Pairings

9. Cocktails

No, we’re not advising that you dump booze over your grill – but adding grilled fruit to your favourite cocktail will bring some extra sweetness, smoke, and spice to your drink. Whether it’s adding grilled pineapple to a margherita, smoky grapefruit to a gin and tonic, or toasted tomatoes and chili to a bloody mary, the barbecue will be your best drinking buddy this summer.


Article by Taylor Mitchell

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