A Few of our Favourite Things: Cooking Tiles, Smoke Powder and Spices, oh my!

A Few of our Favourite Things: Cooking Tiles, Smoke Powder and Spices, oh my!

Barbecue Country is known as the place to go in Edmonton for barbecues and smokers. But, did you know we have a vast selection of products to help flavour what you put on the grill too?! From smoky and sweet, savoury to spicy, we’ve got everything you need to grill up amazing dishes.

Here are just a few of our favourite grill products from Vital, just in time for the gift-giving season:


Cooking Tiles


Himalayan Salt Tile – this salt has been forming for over 250 million years, and the mines are still protected from pollutants to this day. Pure, natural salt creates an aromatic crust on beef, pork, poultry, fish and even vegetables while keeping them moist and tender. Or, chill the tile to cure fruit, vegetables, and fish!

Volcano Stone Tile - 100% natural, and originates from the volcanic regions of Italy. This cooking tile loves to absorb heat from a stovetop, oven or BBQ making it an ideal surface to quickly sear, grill and cook your meals. Using a volcano stone tile offers a whole new way of creating your favourite dishes. Use chilled for salads and desserts!


Spice Mixes


Why buy dozens of separate spices when we’ve got the perfect blends already bottled and ready to use? Bring your dishes to life with spice mixes like Montréal Meat & Poultry, Fish & Seafood, Potatoes & Vegetables, Portuguese Discoveries, Cocoa Mole, Maple & Pepper, Pur BBQ, Tandoori Masala and the finest Black Pepper. Sprinkle into omelettes, meat dishes, and marinades. Barbecue Country also has a pack of nine smaller tubes filled with these spices and it makes an excellent host/hostess gift.


 Explorations Smoke Powder


Since long ago, food has been exposed to smoke to preserve it better. Today, it is an art form. Using different types of wood in the smoking process brings the flavours to a whole new level and Vital Smoke Powder has trapped beautiful mesquite and hickory aromas in a bottle. Use a pinch in your next roast, stew, chili, sauces and more.


 Liquid Cure


Curing with salt is one of the oldest methods of food preparation. The salt draws out moisture from the food by osmosis curing the meat, enhancing the flavour and giving it a unique texture. Gravlax is a Scandinavian salmon dish where the fillet is cured using quality ingredients found in this Liquid Cure. Use it today and find out why this dish is served as a delicacy all over the world.

Visit Barbecue Country today and talk to the experts about the entire line of Vital grill products. We can help you find a few of your favourite things - and perhaps a gift or two for the upcoming holiday season.

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  • Taylor Mitchell