The Smokin’ Benefits of Cooking Low & Slow

The Smokin’ Benefits of Cooking Low & Slow

Once grillers master the perfectly seared steak and their cedar plank skills are on point, they usually step up their game by learning to use a smoker. It is surprisingly easy with a bit of practice and patience. Low and slow is the name of this barbecue game.

Smoking is a mash-up of barbecuing and slow cooking over low heat. There are several different types of smokers and what you ultimately choose depends on personal preferences, the type of food you’ll be smoking and budget. The staff at Barbecue Country are always happy to help find your perfect match.

In general, smoking offers unique benefits that you can’t get on a gas or electric grill.


1. Smoke just about anything


A smoker gives you the ability to smoke a variety of foods that you normally wouldn’t try on a grill. We have seen amazing recipes for smoked eggs, apple pie and even cheese (done in a cold smoker). Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the versatility.


2. Save money using cheaper meat


Time to bust a myth - you don't have to spend top dollar to get some of the most flavourful cuts of meat. You just need to know how to cook them properly to prevent them from becoming tough and chewy. A smoker is your answer. Using a low heat of around 225 degrees for beef and pork breaks down the meat’s collagen and fat, creating a tender, fall-off-the-bone dinner.


3. Set it and forget it


Unlike propane or natural gas grills, smokers use low, indirect heat, so there is no need to turn or flip the food.

Electric wood pellet smokers are becoming increasingly popular given their ease of use. But if ‘ya just gotta’ use charcoal, all it takes is a little more attention to the air shutter to maintain the required temperature throughout the cook.


4. Savour the Flavour


Smoked foods have a distinct and delicious flavour. To experiment with flavours, try using different woods, charcoals or briquettes during the cooking process.

There are endless options available in the world of wood chips and chunks such as hickory, oak, and mesquite. Wood pellets come in a multitude of flavours including pecan, apple, cherry, alder, maple and some special house blends.


Take it to the next level by pairing the wood flavour(s) with the type of food you are smoking!


PRO TIP: Use wood chips, chunks or pellets made specifically for the smoking process as some saps can be toxic. Visit us in-store and check out our extensive line of top quality products.


Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just getting started, Barbecue Country is fully stocked with the best smokers, accessories and know-how to make sure every meal turns out great.


Start this grilling season off right. Get into Barbecue Country or visit us online today!

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  • Taylor Mitchell