About Us

About Us

Just so we have complete transparency… if you’re coming into our store to buy a light bulb or a box of nails, you’ll have to go elsewhere. We are a barbecue specialty store; pure and simple.


Barbecue Country started as a small family operation in 1983 offering a limited selection of barbecue products for sale in July and August. Edmonton quickly took note and mom and pop never looked back. Within a few years the business was open year-round and continued to expand its product offering.


In 2004 there simply wasn’t enough room to house all the products our customers wanted. So, a decision was made to move into a new location down the road. Now with over 12,000 square feet of retail space, the business offers all things barbecue. From grills and smokers, sauces and spices, covers and cookbooks, and gizmos and gadgets -we have it all.


Our staff not only talks the talk; they walk the walk. Our staff get their hands dirty, preparing barbecue lunches for fellow staff including donairs, pulled pork, steak, smoked cheese and nuts, prawns, chicken, fruit and brownies just to name a few. And this isn’t just slapping a burger on the grill… it’s setting up, grilling/smoking, cleaning up and tearing down. Can you get that type of expertise at a hardware store?


We also have on staff a certified Kansas City Barbecue Society judge who attended both the Open and Invitational competitions at the American Royal World Series of Barbecue held in Kansas City. This is one serious barbecue competition that included hundreds of teams from over 11 countries. Got a question; just ask!


Do we have a price guarantee –of course. Do we have a great selection of products that we know work in the Canadian north –of course. Do we have years of experience –of course. Are we better than anyone else –of course. If not, we wouldn’t still be in business after 35 years. We know our stuff baby.


If you have a question, we have an answer. In this day and age time is a precious commodity. No one wants to wait for someone to talk to someone to talk to someone to... oh wait, what was the question again?   


But let’s get back to pricing for a minute. Some people think because we are a specialty store we must sell at higher prices. WE DON’T. We offer grills and smokers at the lowest possible price the manufacturer’s will allow. Check it out. Our pricing provides solid value in the hands of our customers. We do our homework –for you!


Come on in…what are you waiting for~