9 Tips for Grilling the Steak of Your Dreams

9 Tips for Grilling the Steak of Your Dreams

You’re not a BBQ pro until you’ve mastered the art of steak. 


Cooking steak requires advanced preparation, precise timing, and expert technique – so grilling an awesome steak is not an achievement to take lightly. But with these tips, you can ensure your steak comes out just how you like it, every time. You can thank us later. (Photo: https://bit.ly/2MNn2Lk


Tip #1: Let Your Steaks Thaw



Before you hit the grill, ensure your steaks are properly thawed. As mentioned in our blog Top 10 Grilling Mistakes – and How to Fix Them, cooking cold meat is a big BBQ no-no. If you try to grill a cold steak, you’ll find it almost impossible to cook evenly.


Remember to take your steak out of the fridge about 30 minutes before grilling so it will have reached room temperature by the time it hits the grill. (Photo: https://bit.ly/2zGJRIc


Tip #2: Salt Early & Season Generously



When you take your steak out of the fridge, don’t forget to add salt – and a lot of it. One of the biggest mistakes BBQ rookies make is under-seasoning their steaks before grilling. Since much of the seasoning will burn off when cooking, you’ll need to add a generous amount in order to enhance the steak’s flavour and create a steakhouse-caliber crust.


Coarse grained salt (like kosher or sea salt) work best for this purpose. Keep sprinkling on the salt until you can actually see it on the meat’s surface.  


Just before grilling, feel free to add more spices to your steak. Simple black peppercorns, or a specialty steak rub, will add some extra oomph. Don’t forget to add another sprinkle of salt to your steak, too. (Photo: https://bit.ly/2MPlUqM)


Tip #3: Know Your Temperatures



The exact temperature and cooking time you follow will depend on which cut of steak you choose, as well as how you like your steak cooked.


To ensure your steak is always grilled to your liking, BBQ masters should consider investing in a high-quality quick read thermometer. With this pro tool, you’ll never waste an expensive cut of meat, or serve a less-than-perfect steak to your guests. Use the chart below to determine exactly which temperature fits your ideal steak. 



Keep in mind, however, that the cut of meat you choose will affect how long it’ll take your steak to reach its optimum temperature.  The chart below can help you approximate the length of time you’ll need to leave your steak on the grill for. (photo: https://bit.ly/2ZvakaQ)




Tip #4: Cook Each Side of Your Steak Differently 



You may be used to reading recipes that ask you to cook your food for a certain amount of time and flip halfway. When it comes to steak, however, the halfway mark is not always a signal for you to grab your BBQ tongs.


One school of thought is to cook the first side of the steak for two thirds of the cooking time, flip, and grill the other side for the last third of the time. This allows you to create a nice crust on initial contact without over-cooking the steak. 


As is the case with most things in life, there are always different ways to get the job done! The Broil King company has a tried and tested method to grill the “Perfect Steak”. Utilizing their marinades, rubs and grilling techniques, it’s hard to argue grilling your steak any other way!  (Photo: https://bit.ly/2kayq7j)


Tip #5: Utilize Two-Zone Grilling



If you want to master the art of steak, you should also grill your steaks at different locations on your grill. Start by charring your steaks over a hot fire in order to create a caramelized crust. Then, move your steaks to a cooler side of the grill to finish the process. (Photo: https://bit.ly/32gWzJN


Tip #6: Don’t Play With The Steaks



Remember what your mother always told you: don’t play with your food. While you will need to flip your steak once (or -gasp- maybe twice) and touch it to see if it’s done, that’s the only contact you should have with your steak before its cooked.


Also, remember to never press down on your steaks with a spatula, and never use a fork to remove them from the grill – these two practices will rob your steak of precious juices. (Photo: https://bit.ly/2LbQybw


Tip #7: Let Your Steaks Rest



Once your steaks are grilled to perfection, don’t eat them right away. Let them rest for 5 - 10 minutes before serving or cutting them in order to let the juices redistribute throughout the meat. Doing so will result in plump, flavourful steaks that are sure to impress your guests. 


If you’re worried about your steaks getting cold, you could loosely place aluminum foil over the steaks and serve them on warm plates to retain heat. (Photo: https://bit.ly/2MOsVIj


Tip #8: Carve the Meat Against the Grain



Once you’ve put in the time and effort of creating an awesome steak, don’t ruin it at the first cut. Make sure to slice your meat against the grain in order for it to be more tender and easier to eat. This is especially important for more fibrous cuts like flank steak or tri-tip. (Photo: https://bit.ly/34htAas


Tip #9: Season Post-cut



Even if you generously salted your steak before cooking, you’ll have lost most of it during the grilling process. 


After you’ve sliced your steak, don’t forget to add some extra seasoning for maximum flavour. If you’re cooking for a large crowd, place your sea salt on the table so your guests can add additional salt as they prefer. (Photo: https://bit.ly/2xORnQ5


Article by Taylor Mitchell

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