Some really cool Barbecue Accessories

Some really cool Barbecue Accessories

Let’s face it: we’ve been inside for what feels like forever, with no new sports to watch or any social activities to occupy our time. For many of us, the most exciting parts of our days are when we get to go outside – whether that be to walk the dog or take out the garbage.


With the weather warming up in Alberta, it’s safe to say that many of us are itching to spend as much time outside our houses as possible – even if that means not leaving our backyard. What better way is there to celebrate this newfound freedom than by picking up some new BBQ accessories and testing out some new recipes. After all, you’ve survived nearly two months indoors, so you deserve to treat yourself!


1. Make the Perfect Homemade Burgers With a Burger Press


When making your own burger patties, you have the ability to control what ingredients go into it. From veggies to beans to angus beef, the burger options are endless when you make ‘em from scratch.


However, if you’ve made your own burgers before, you know that they can fall apart on the grill if you don’t compress the patty properly. But with Weber’s Burger Press, you can create the perfect homemade burger every time.


2. Chicken Roaster for Beer Can Chicken and Beyond


If you’ve never tried beer can chicken, you’re missing out. This dish uses the steam from beer to create an unbelievably moist chicken. The Broil King Chicken Roaster makes it easier than ever to create this delicious dish on your barbecue as well as provides maximum steaming action. Plus, you can infuse additional ingredients for an extra flavour boost.


3. Upgrade Your Salmon Using a Cedar Plank



A cedar plank will bring any grilled dish to the next level, but this accessory is perhaps most famous for the way it transforms salmon into something truly out of this world. The cedar flavour infuses directly into the fish to create a deep, wood-smoked flavour. If you want to change up the taste, there are planks available in different wood types such as cherry, pecan, apple, alder, hickory, and maple – but cedar is the most popular.


To use a cedar plank, first pre-soak it in cold water for at least one hour. We’ve featured Napoleon’s Cedar Grilling Plank here, but most popular BBQ brands have their own. Next, prepare the grill for direct cooking over medium heat. When your BBQ is between 350° and 450°F, place the plank on the grill grates and close the lid of your BBQ. Wait 5-10 minutes, or until the plank starts to smoke, and flip. Then place your salmon (or other meat of choice) on the plank and get grillin’!


4. Create Incredible Stir Fry Creations with a BBQ Wok



If you’ve ever cooked with a wok before, you know how great it is. Not only does a wok require less oil and distribute heat more evenly than a frying pan, it also makes sure that any food you toss lands in the wok and not on your stove.


A BBQ wok combines these great qualities with the smokey flavour that only a barbecue can create. You can create scrumptious stir frys or even a delicious paella with Weber’s GBS Wok!


5. Create Pizza, Breads, and More With a Grilling Stone


Many of our blogs feature BBQ pizza recipes (you can check them out here, here, and here). Why? For starters, this dish is absolutely incredible, and secondly, making homemade pizza on your barbecue is not as difficult as it may seem – especially if you use pre-made dough – as long as you’ve got the right tools. Simply slide the prepared pizza on to Weber’s pizza stone and you’ll have a homemade dish that’s bound to surprise your friends! P.s. you can also use it for breads, desserts, and other unique BBQ dishes.


6. Roast Scrumptious Chicken with a BBQ Rotisserie


With a BBQ rotisserie, you can create succulent roasted chicken from the comforts of your backyard. You could also use it to roast ribs or a leg of lamb for maximum tenderness. This versatile accessory slowly rotates food over the grill grates in your bbq to create scrumptious, self-based meals. Simply attach the rotisserie to your BBQ and watch the magic happen.


But wait – before you get one for yourself, make sure it will properly fit your grill. Here are a few different options from popular BBQ brands:

    7. The Accessory That Roasts the Perfect Peppers Every Time


    Ever tried stuffed peppers? What about BBQ jalapeno poppers? Or good ol’ grilled peppers? With summer around the corner, grilled peppers provide the perfect fresh and tasty side dish.


    Broil King’s stainless steel pepper roaster makes it easy to create and consume these tasty treats. With an integrated heat shield, this roaster allows you to evenly grill the peppers on your BBQ without burning them. There are also two different sized holes so you can cook different types of small peppers


    8. Effortlessly Grill Fish, Veggies, Sandwiches, and More With a Grill Basket


    Even the BBQ pros can encounter difficulties when grilling delicate foods like fish or veggies. However, with a Napoleon Flexible Grill Basket, you can easily flip or adjust these foods using the adjustable container with integrated handles. You can also use a grill basket of the sort to cook other hard-to-flip dishes like quesadillas and sandwiches. Once you’re done grillin’, simply throw it in the dishwasher for easy clean-up!



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